Tranquil Escape

When tasked last semester with the goal of putting together a series of six images that meant something to me, my mind immediately jumped to trying to do something with nature. Growing up in small town Vancouver Island, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the outdoors has always been a large part of my life, and something I have always tried to incorporate into my photography whenever I have the chance.

The six environments pictured are all places of escape for me, and each mean something to me in their own way. From the kelp beds of the Pacific ocean to the forests of Northern California, these are the environments to which I flee to escape the stress and tempo of society, and to get back in touch with who I am.

This was an assignment for Lighting People, so I obviously wanted the focus to be the people in the photos, but I wanted the viewer to feel a strong connection with the natural environments in which the women were placed.

The women in white dresses represent the peace and tranquility that I find in these environments. Although this may not be the way that you personally find release and relaxation, I hope in viewing these images that you are able to understand the feeling of tranquil escape that they represent for me.