Roadtrip to Lake Tahoe

It doesn’t matter where you go, if you are with the right friends, it is impossible to think a 5-day- trip to Lake Tahoe is not going to be an amazing adventure. Not knowing our plans, we traveled North letting our hearts guide our decisions. We had just one destination that we didn’t want to miss: Wanderlust, a yoga and musical festival.

Living in a van with 5 people where we cooked, ate, and slept together wasn’t a common travel experience. We stopped along the way to practice yoga, relax along the rivers, and appreciate the beauty of the rain. It ended up being more about the journey than the destination itself.

Each of us with different dreams, but with mutual goals, surrendered to the present moment to enjoy the experience as much as we could. On trips like this, you discover the importance of friendship, joy, and love. Without any of those life is not as exciting. If you get to share your life with the people that you love, your heart is filled with joy.

“He who looks outside, dreams.
He who looks inside, awakens.”
– Carl Jung