Brunch at Tanzy Anyone?


“Everything is treated with respect. All the product from our herbs and how we store them, the fish and how we carry them, everything takes respect and everything takes time”

Eric Medina talks about what it takes to be a sous-chef at the upscale Italian restaurant called Tanzy in the Westwood area. Tanzy serves food that is prepared with local ingredients from the greater Los Angeles area and was opened early this year in May. Since opening its doors the restaurant has made quite a name for itself with various reviews, features and highlights in The Zagat, The Experience and Hollywood Reporter just to name a few. It is clear that Executive Chef Bryan Podgorski, known for working at French Laundry  as Chef de Cuisine of  Bouchon Bistro in Las Vegas, knows how to create a masterpiece by bringing this swanky restaurant to the Los Angeles area. From the outside, the restaurant overlooks Wilshire Blvd, and yet the foliage and the décor that encompassing the area allows the restaurant goer to escape the city and feel like they are not seated on the edge of one of the busier streets in downtown LA. The concept of everything being slowed down and prepared with careful prep in each dish is apparent.

“Everything is cooked with a slow simmer to really bring out that product,” says Medina. “for example our Tanzy burger is really simple. It’s just a bun, meat, cheese, mushroom and onion. But when you think about the caramelized onions, those take twelve hours to prepare.”

The egg and bacon ravioli was the Sunday brunch special and was no exception to the idea of taking time to prepare the handcrafted dishes. The dish itself was rich in flavor but also felt light on the palate due to the handmade pasta. The combination of olive oil, with smoky bacon perfectly grilled, as well as the egg being cooked in the center of the dish, entirely infused with the ricotta cheese and wilted spinach, produced an exquisite experience of flavor. When it was cut into, the yoke flowed perfectly adding to the rich flavor. The dish was simple yet well presented and flavorful. The egg and bacon ravioli was complimented by a strawberry mimosa that was made with lemon, St. Germain and One Hope sparkling wine.

The first thing that one notices is that the place has a sense of style and class. The host or hostess greats guests with a bright smile and promptly escorts them to their tables. The restaurant highly advises guests to make reservations. As for the added brunch menu, there is a wild range of food to choose from. Although this is not for those with a stiff budget, this is the perfect place for wanderlust to capture your palate.

5/5 stars


10840 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024

Brunch Saturday & Sunday: 11pm-3pm

Valet & Self-parking available

Reservations & additional information: (310) 307-7004