Fun Night at Fun Life

In Santa Clarita, Calif., Ashlie Overton, 29, volunteers her Friday night every week to spend time with the special needs community known as Fun Life. These individuals, from high school age and up, gather at a small clubhouse every Friday night to eat, play games, and generally feel welcome in the Santa Clarita locality.

Fun Life is a Christian ministry dedicated to supporting special needs adolescents and teaching them about Jesus Christ, globally called Capernaum since 1985, but known to Valencia locals as Fun Life since 2003. Overton first learned of Fun Life in 2007, when a friend introduced her to the ministry.

Overton says that she decided to volunteer because she “wanted to get involved in something bigger than [herself].” Overton said that after she began to go to Fun Life regularly, “I was traveling a lot and I was out of town and I didn’t go for a couple weeks.” When she did return, a girl from the group asked her where she had been. “I recognized that I had a place there, and they recognized that I had a place there. From the time she said that to me, I’ve missed maybe three Fun Life clubs.”

The individuals that attend Fun Life have a range of mental, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. Ashlie is a part of a team of volunteers that help make Fun Life possible every week. When asked what her favorite part of Fun Life was, Ashlie replied, “The family atmosphere of it—all the kids and the fact that they feel like they’re a part of something. This is it for them.”


For more information about Fun Life, check out their website!