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In 2010 Walter Winters and his wife Veronika Winters started up the Homegrown surf shop in Ventura, Calif. The Winters grew up in the surfing industry and wanted to start a store where they could incorporate accessories and brands from local and emerging companies.“Homegrown is for the people, we support local,” said Walter. “I like to support smaller companies and showcase what they do.” Winters collaborates and works with local shapers and artists to produce a variety of unique and quality surfing gear.

After four months of construction, Homegrown was opened on March 19, 2010 in Midtown, Ventura. After a year of successful business, the Winters moved their location to more centrally located, downtown Ventura.

Homegrown has their own surfing team consisting of a group of young men and women, the youngest member is 10-years-old. “I want to build a family within the shop,” said Walter. The team competes in surfing contests both locally along the coast.

Homegrown is in a garage-like space that has a very open feel, it smells of surf wax and when visiting, one can browse all of the interesting art work and clothing. The shop also has a board room where they feature most of their surfboards. Homegrown carries everything from wetsuits to surfboard leashes, even clothing and surf apparel.

Homegrown believes in supporting smaller businesses within the area because they think it is important to give people and alternative and also give the “little guys” a voice. The Winters try to spread word about the products made by the locals through hosting art gallery shows once every few weeks, allowing them to showcase up-and-coming artists.

Written on the wall right when you walk into the shop is:

Homegrown Surf Shop is a “grass roots” surf shop, ran by surfers for surfers, rooted in a small beach town in California. We believe in staying new and innovated but also staying rooted in the richness of old surf culture. Homegrown is founded in the idea of staying true to your roots, to who you are, and most importantly WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN… “stay rooted!”

Which just about sums up exactly what Homegrown is all about. Stay rooted and support local.



811 E. Thompson Blvd.

Ventura, CA 93001

(805) 667-8501


T-Th 11-5PM

Fri-Sat 11-6PM

Sunday – 11-4PM