Keeping Tradition: Ojai’s Oldest Bicycle Shop

Nobody expects to come to a bike shop to find that it is not only a store, but a museum of old bicycles, replacements and excellent service.
“It’s a hidden gem,” Tyler Humer said. “It’s a house, its not a normal store. There are more bikes and bikes parts than space. There are just bikes everywhere!”

Bicycles of Ojai has been in service for 25 years, and is Ojai’s oldest bicycle shop. Ron Lathrop, Store manager as well as dedicated employee for 24 years says that the store has been keeping its tradition and evolving very slowly. “Maintaining why you are here is very important. It is not easy, but I want to stay true to my roots, and keep the reasons why I love it here alive: it’s about helping people with service, not business,” Lathrop said.
Tyler Humer is an employee at Bicycles of Ojai, who enjoys working there because it is a unique place. He likes to look at the display case with pieces from the ’70s. ” I like to polish and rearrange them. New bikes are cool too, but there’s no soul in them. The parts that were made back then have more life, it wasn’t someone just pressing a button.” said Humer.

Bicycles of Ojai has customers that keep coming back, this cycle has continued for over ten years. Customers not only want to buy a bike, but they are interested in getting good and honest advice. The crew at the bike shop are there to help and educate their clients. “They feel comforts with being guided in the right direction,” said Lathrop