Exploring Hume Lake

Tucked in a forest of sequoias lies a little lake where hundreds of  visitors, employees, and a few thousand campers spend the summer exploring.

Hiking, off-roading, swimming, and climbing are just a few of the activities that one can do when visiting Hume Lake, nestled in between the Sequoia National Forest and Kings Canyon National Park.

At an elevation of 5,200 feet, cell phones no longer have reception and visitors have to find other ways to connect with each other. It is truly a unique experience when the distractions of social media and our phones are taken away and all we are left with is each other and nature.

A sense of overwhelming peace and relaxation lives in the air. As I spent time getting to know more about the people who worked there and those who were visiting Hume Lake, I realized that there really isn’t a better way to feel refreshed than connecting with nature and people.

Whether it’s the mountains, the beach or the wide open country, exploring seems to be a part of us, something that each of us craves deep down inside. I urge others to tap into that inner self that is begging to get out there. Explore new places, meet more people, see something new and enjoy the beauty in the world around us!