Foodies in the Sequoias

As a child my family used to spend a week during the summer camping in Kings Canyon National Forest. I would drag my feet, sometimes even kicking and screaming, as this always meant a week without anything to do but play with sticks and get eaten by bugs. I dreaded eating food that had sat in a cooler for days, and hated feeling trapped even though I was in open nature.

However, when told that I needed to spend five nights away from my home in order to take pictures for a travel class, I packed my cooler and headed for the Sequoias. I left my house with one mission in mind, to create camping food that was more than the usual fare of beans and hotdogs.

My soul longed to breathe the fresh mountain air because as I have matured I learned to appreciate the simplicity of nature and the peace that can come from having nothing to do but enjoy the beauty around me. I knew this trip would be a time for me to craft pleasing food that could match the natural creativity of my surroundings.

With one cast iron skillet, a cutting board, a copper bottom pot and utensils, I was determined to prove that it doesn’t take a full kitchen to produce a masterpiece, even in the woods. So I gathered my friends, or bribed them with food, and we enjoyed great food, fun company and the awe-inspiring outdoors.