Ellen Wildhagen’s Moving Portraits

Ellen Wildhagen creates beautiful videos with a purpose. Her career with a camera began as a still photographer, and that journey brought her to Brooks Institute.  Since her departure from college life, she has taken up video and has been making stylized short videos with impact.

“I’m a photographer first,” Wildhagen says. “While I was in Texas during Austin City Limits I saw these video portraits that looked like a still photo but with this slight movement, like someone’s hair blowing in the wind.  Since then it’s been hard for me not to capture the voices and the movement of video.”

In “Photographer Portraits: Jean Marie + Mariane,” the subjects are political refugees from New Guinea who show another side of themselves behind the camera – from the darker side of Jean Marie, to the shy but not so shy side of Mariane, his sister. “They were so open and transparent,” Wildhagen says. “So trusting of me, and the questions I asked. It made it my kind of film.”