Cranking Lures From Water Level

Sonoma County boasts some of the nation’s best fishing – and my dad can attest.

My father, Chris Quinones, has been a member of the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club for six years. His devotion to the sport, appreciation for the outdoors, and his competitive edge keeps him immersed in the sport like a fish in water.

One rainy day my Dad and I took a drive out to Riverfront Regional Park, his home away from home, located on the west side of Windsor, California. This particular fishing pond is no more that a 10-minute drive from our house, which makes it convenient for him to visit regularly. Testing equipment and new techniques before big fishing tournaments is imperative, so having this bass-filled pond nearby helps him stay on his A-game and prepare for the stiff competition that he faces week to week.

Although he works hard during the regular work week, he looks forward to Friday when he can spend his time on the various lakes and deltas throughout California. Whether he is just fishing recreationally with his buddies while enjoying a cold beer, or competing in a fishing tournament, as long as he is on his Belly Boat waiting for the that largemouth bass to bite, there is no place he would rather be.