A Visual Diary: Julia Micheline’s Self-Portrait Challenge


This series started for me when I took a trip to the Salton Sea with some great people – nothing but a photography adventure for five days. It was the best feeling of my life. I found my love and passion for photography.  I look for light, observe my surroundings and fall in love with what’s in front of me through my lens. I realized on that trip that I would fight, no matter what, to do this for the rest of my life. Sadly, in our industry shooting has become a small part of the job, especially for me, as a retoucher.

I have taken on the challenge of creating an image every day for 365 days.  A description could accompany the image, or the image could stand alone. Each day I feel challenged to think of a concept and share it with the world and keep my creative juices flowing. I feel an urgency to get out and clear my mind so that I can connect with my idea and emotions. This project is helping to keep me doing what I love – to keep falling in love with photography.  It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.