Traveling North

Last week I had the chance to experience new places that will stick with me forever. I started my journey moving towards Bakersfield and stopped along the way to visit The Colonel Allensworth National Park. The Sequoia National Forest and the city of Watsonville were just two others stops I made throughout the journey. Each stop was something new for me. Of course I have lived near trees and other historical landmarks, but the idea of something new really made me love the experience more.

Every moment was unique. The trees were so beautiful that I didn’t exactly want to come home. Life was wonderful on the road; no worries and completely carefree, only there to please myself and my artist life. This opportunity made me realize just how much I want to travel. I felt that coming back to this life was not for me. I do, of course, enjoy all I have learned and will learn, but every moment my life continues, I would love to continue traveling. I want to see everything there is to see and spend moments outside as much as I can. Even the smaller cities, like San Juan Bautista, have some of the most gorgeous places, such as The San Juan Bautista Mission.

I have always been taught that life is unexpected and I would love to continue thinking about that as I grow older and have my own adventures. I know that it sounds unreal, but I have been able to see the unexpected and experience things that I would never have if I played it by the books.