Lacrosse with a Leica

Covering the Adarenaline Summer Shootout Lacrosse tournament in Carpinteria for Gameface Media was the perfect opportunity to test out the Leica M9 in an unlikely environment, action sports.

Using a Leica, or any range finder for that matter, is difficult in sports because you don’t have auto focus like you would have with a DSLR, and this makes it a challenge to capture crisp action. The players were so quick that I didn’t have time to manually focus. The only way I could capture sharp images was to close down the aperture and zone focus.

Playing with motion blur was a great experience because I was shooting with a wide angle lens and these guys would be sprinting right in front of me (I almost got trampled a couple times). Unfortunately, closing down the aperture to f/23, revealed the accumulated dust on the digital sensor.

Overall it was a fantastic learning experience, and I can’t wait to see what else the Leica M9 can do.