AAA Car Show: From Classic Cars to Daily Drivers

On a sunny Saturday June 14 morning, this year’s 8th Annual Auto Club Employee Car Show organized by The Automobile of Southern California (AAA), more than 250 spectacular vehicles were on display at the Costa Mesa AAA headquarters.

People from all over the state brought their current models and vintage  models to display. Promptly at 6 a.m. the gates opened to let the car owners park and shine their cars for the annual competition.

Lined up with anticipation, car owners gave their vehicles final touch ups before the voting began and the crowds arrived. Entries for the car show were open to employees, retirees, members of employee families, and the invited friends of AAA.

“The preparation is unbelievable,” said Jamie Feenstra, a AAA member and insurance supervisor. “There was expected to be 4,000 people coming to see just what the car show had to offer,” Feenstra said.

Car owner Felix Salazar, last year’s fourth place competitor, stood next to his vehicle wiping down the engine and car parts before the crowds began to vote. “Hoping for gold this time,” Salazar said.

Event attendees were treated to numerous live bands, food, and many different styles of cars.

“A clean car is a happy car,” said Will Norris as he smiled towards wife Cyndy. The couple have been a part of the car club Corvettes of Southern California for 45 years and have entered in countless car shows.

“We came out two years ago with the same Corvette we brought today,” said Will. “It’s all about coming out in the sunshine and meeting new people.”