Chefs and their Signature Dishes


I grew up in a restaurant, so I’ve always had a passion for the culinary arts. Last semester, I took both the lighting people class along with the food photography class. Instead of doing two separate projects for each class, I decided to go out and meet a bunch of local chefs and take a portrait of them along side their signature dish. It turns out that this was not as easy a feat as I had conceived. The most time I had with each of the chefs (whom Iā€™d never met before shooting them) was, at most, a half an hour. I would then spend some time photographing their dish. This was also a new challenge for me because to that point I had only professionally shot restaurant prepared food once. Fortunately, the chefs I met knew how to present their dish so the amount of food styling I had to do was minimal. The best part about this project ā€“ I got to eat the food.