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State Street Celebrates Summer Solstice in Style

  State Street had another one of its renowned bi-annual occupancy tests Saturday, for the yearly Summer Solstice Festival and Parade in Santa Barbara, California. The festival celebrates the longest day of the year, and the first day of summer. The Summer Solstice Celebration draws crowds upwards of 100,000 to the coastal community. Celebrators travel […]

Traveling North

Rebecca Vazquez recently traveled to the Bakersfield area, up through Santa Cruz, stopping by several small cities such as Watsonville and Allensworth. “I had the chance to experience new places that will stick with me forever. Every moment was unique. The trees were so beautiful that I didn’t exactly want to come home. Life was wonderful on the road; no worries and completely carefree, only there to please myself and my artist life. This opportunity made me realize just how much I want to travel.”

Born Again Health

Changing eating and exercise habits can have a dramatic effect on your body, Stephanie Hahn is proof a healthy lifestyle isn’t complete agony.

Lacrosse with a Leica

Attempting to break the mold of traditional sports photography, Mischa Lopiano brings a Leica M9 into the fast paced world of lacrosse.

BYOB: The Refill Shoppe

Where ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ speaks beyond personal wine with dinner, Brooks Institute alumni Michelle Stevens makes a difference in Ventura with her post-graduate business, the Refill Shoppe, located downtown on Main Street.

Finding a Voice

I’ve been attempting to embrace the unknown, the flaws and the failures while working as hard as I can and with all sorts of different camera formats that I’ve never used before.

Ventura Warped Tour

Moshing, crowd surfing, and countless sweaty bodies is all part of the package when you attend a music festival such as The Vans Warped Tour.

AAA Car Show: From Classic Cars to Daily Drivers

More than 250 spectacular vehicles were on display at the Costa Mesa AAA headquarters, Saturday June 14 during the 8th Annual Auto Club Employee Car Show organized by the Automobile of Southern California (AAA).

Houseless in Ojai

“It’s gone on longer than I thought it would. When I came out here I didn’t think it was going to last this long” Anne Berg has been homeless off and on for three years. Suffering from several mental health issues and coming out of an eight-year addiction to meth, Berg moved to Ojai to start a new life for herself. Instead, she is homeless.

Marching Against Monsanto