A Way of Seeing

Something rather mystifying happens when I’m looking through a macro lens.

We are bombarded by visual inputs, at all times from all directions. It isn’t entirely conscious, yet our brains organize and make sense of it. We filter out what isn’t needed.

I think that’s why I like macro photography so much. When I look through the viewfinder, my field of vision is focused intently. Nothing else exists. I enter a zone.

Athletes often talk of getting into the zone. I find mine in macro photography.

For me, shooting macro is a way of seeing the world and it starts long before I bring the camera to my face.

Most details become lost in the day-to-day and may seem inconsequential. If you rush through life without paying attention, they’ll all pass you by. You’ve really got to slow down and focus. When you’re working in the space of millimeters, patience and precision are key; a lesson that can be translated to other aspects of picture making – and to life.

Shooting macro is a way of sharing a world largely unseen. It’s my way of expressing my vision, my passion, my guilty pleasure of sorts. I hope you enjoy.

– Alex Torres