Exploring the Waters of Southern California

Throughout my journeys around the world I’ve come to appreciate the amazingly diverse water-ecosystem in southern California.

These oceans and waterways hold more life than the entire human population. However, the majority of us never get an opportunity to see them in their natural habitat.  To many – it’s an alien realm.

That’s why I enjoy capturing imagery of the beautiful and bizarre species only found in water.

As a visual journalist and an advocate to our oceans, it’s important for me to share what I find so others can have a better appreciation of what it is they don’t see.

Our planet’s health is failing, and our oceans are a strong indicator of this decay. Many people are either apathetic or unfamiliar with the problems ahead of us.

Reading and hearing about this amazing underwater world is one thing but seeing it with your own eyes gives it a sense of realness. Photos and video allow us to see for ourselves the beauty – and the problems – that are hidden below the surface.

Tourists flock to southern California to visit our oceans and beaches. We are lucky to have a sundry of wildlife in our own backyard. The world knows about the beauty of our waters. That’s why it’s important we continue to keep our oceans clean, so life under the sea stays healthy for future generations to see.

– Jonathen E. Davis