Why I Shoot

Street photography for me is more than just the act of watching life and waiting for that moment when all the components of a good image come together. I believe I photograph on the street with a purpose to be a part of something bigger than myself. The idea of creating with so many aspects that are not under my own control is something that I am so fascinated by, and because of this, a relentless hunger arises in me.  Every time I go to create I truly have no idea of what I might find when I step on to the street. This element of surprise is why I believe that street photography is the hardest form of photographing. Due to this nature I also believe that photographing on the street relies on only one factor and that is the eye. The eye becomes key because everything on the street happens so quickly and require a sense of understanding. Creating on the street takes a certain amount of patience, human understanding, and gut instinct, with all these elements compounding together there is a beautiful outcome of situations that could happen. These situations that could arise keeps me coming back for more and my process becomes galvanized. As I continue to explore street photography I begin to understand and peel more layers away from myself and discover how I respond to life in general. This added sponge of street is also a therapeutic process that allows me to grow and learn more about myself. I find that this particular element can be hard to find in other forms of photography.