Photo Essay: On the Streets of L.A.

Paths are not always clear.

Wants and needs often collide.

I struggle with myself.

I am motivated by the fear of judgment and failure and often left with the inability to choose a path.

Each day I set out seeking knowledge, a path, but am often only left with the unknown, and the desire to keep searching.

Quietly I walk ready, waiting, chasing the stillness, the traces of human creativity and human connection.

The artist’s obligation to create and observe.

The obsession with changing the world around us or just the world around me.

Hope and despair inspired by the fondness of everyday life.

Growth, isolation, fear, judgment, and the pure joy and nature of life and humanity stopped in a frame.

These photos serve as a visual stream of consciousness through the streets of Los Angeles.

The reflections of humanity, isolation, shadows, and light that shines through the City of Angels.