Archives for June 2013

Photo Essay: On the Streets of L.A.

These photos serve as a visual stream of consciousness through the streets of Los Angeles.

The reflections of humanity, isolation, shadows, and light that shines through the City of Angels.

Alternative Living: Two Stories About Freedom and Creativity

“The moment I saw the bus and came on I just knew that was my life path, that was where I was meant to be at that moment, and this is so fulfilling. I still feel that way. This is where I’m supposed to be.”

Santa Cruz: The Real Surf City

Santa Cruz, California, situated about 60 miles south of San Francisco is unlike any other town in California. It’s almost as if it’s a place that’s stuck in the past, with all of its inhabitants living a much slower paced lifestyle.

In Search of Something Holi

We left with the California sun setting on our backs and drove until long after the shadows in front of us had faded into the desert floor. With nothing but a pair of headlights guiding us, we set out in search of something Holi; an annual celebration of the coming of spring and the triumph of good over evil.

The High Life

Humans have only recently conquered the once forbidden realm of the sky, but conquered we have. Some have even begun to develop deep relationships with this foreign world, each through their own unique medium. This is the story of three people, their methods, and their passions for the limitless playground above.